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Ulaanbulag Gold Mine

Production Started


Mining Method

Open Pit

Processing Technology

Processed at Boroo Gold Mine Plants

Expected Mine Life

4 years

Ulaanbulag is a satellite deposit with traditional open-pit truck-and-shovel mine that has commenced production in 2021. The mine site is located in the in Selenge Province, north-central Mongolia approximately 130 km northwest of the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, and 21 km southeast to the Boroo Gold mine.

The mine site includes the open pit mine, camp/residence for employees, warehouses, maintenance shops and offices. Ulaanbulag ore is mined and hauled to Boroo Gold mine for processing. Boroo Gold and Ulaanbulag mines are connected with an improved all-weather road.

Ulaanbulag Gold Mine Site Tour