Code of Conduct

Boroo Pte Ltd and its Board of Directors are dedicated to the fair and ethical treatment of its employees, consultants and the communities that surround them. For more information on our policies, please see the codes and ethic documentation listed below.


This is the Corporate Code of Conduct (“Code”) for Boroo Pte Ltd (the “Boroo”). It is designed to maintain confidence in the integrity of Boroo and the responsibilities and accountability of individuals for reporting and investigating reports of unethical practices.

This Code expresses certain basic principles that Boroo, its employees and external consultants should follow in all dealings related to Boroo. They should be loyal to Boroo, should show the highest business integrity in their dealings with others, including preserving the confidentiality of other peoples information and should conduct Boroo’s business in accordance with law and principles of good business practice.

The Code reflects Boroo’s recognition that Boroo’s reputation is an essential element of Boroo’s success. Each employee and consultant employed by Boroo must act in a way that preserves and enhances Boroo’s reputation.

Employees will often encounter issues in their work for Boroo requiring judgment based on the principles expressed in this Code. While it is impossible to discuss every conceivable situation that might arise, Boroo believes that the examples contained in this Code illustrate rules that should usually be followed to ensure that the actions of employees and consultants are not and will not be challenged for being unethical. The material in this Code is meant to be illustrative only and is not intended to limit the principles themselves.

Although Boroo expects all employees to be familiar with the principles stated in this Code, Boroo does not expect each employee and consultant to be fully versed in the law affecting his or her responsibilities. Whenever questions of any nature whatsoever arise in relation to the Code, each employee should seek guidance from general counsel or management who will in turn obtain advice on the interpretation of applicable laws and regulations from Boroo’s counsels.

The Code sets out the standards that Boroo will adhere to whilst conducting its business and includes:

  • the approval of the Code by the Board and senior management;
  • the commitment to shareholders;
  • compliance with relevant laws;
  • environment protection;
  • occupational health & safety;
  • equal employment;
  • confidentiality;
  • conflicts of interest; and
  • general conduct.

All employees are responsible for Boroo achieving the highest levels of business conduct. Boroo’s employees are accountable for acting in line with the policies and standards outlined in the Code.